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ALOWFI & PARTNERS law firm is a professional company registered at ministry of commerce and licensed by  Ministry of Justice to practice the legal profession and provide legal advice by a specialized legal Team consisting of local and international lawyers and legal practitioners, committed in their professional practice to the standards of professional responsibility and quality.

Our values:

We are considered one of the promising and specialized firms in the field of providing legal services to enterprises and individuals, the main value  of our firm is based on the trust of clients and the quality of specialized legal services in various branches of law, the Office continues to meet the legal needs of its clients on local and international levels.

Social and professional responsibility:

We Are well aware of our responsibility towards our respected field, our nation and society; therefore our team decided to engage in the provision of voluntary community legal services, by harnessing part of its working hours to provide legal advice and support to members of the community who are unable to afford legal services. Our team aims to provide their services to all clients with proper due care.

Our Belief and Vision:

Believing that the Legal Counsel is not merely a consultant, and that the lawyer is not limited to advocacy and litigation, we are always striving to provide our clients with high quality and specialised legal services in which we are partners in the success of our clients.

Our Services

The firm provides legal services and legal advices, which are represented in providing legal consultations and studies, establishing legal departments, carrying out their duties, managing compliance, and representing the client before others and in front of the judicial authorities.

The services we provide consist of:

Consultancy Services
Judicial services
Legal Representation

Providing legal advice and studies to clients in their field of work, including the instructions and steps that the client is supposed to follow on the subject of the consultation.

Representing the client before the judicial authorities, judicial committees and semi-judicial committees.

This is a set of services provided by the Firm management to owners and entrepreneurs, according to which the client is provided with a specialized legal department, by establishing or supporting this department and working to improve its quality. The firm supervises, and acts as the legal department of the client, and it represents the client legally in front of other individuals or public and private legal entities.

The scope of work at our firm is as follows:

Electronic Commerce
Commercial Law and International Business Law
Labor Laws
Civil Law and Real Estate Disputes

The firm is considered one of the most promising and specialized offices in the field of electronic commercial law and information technology law, it provides specialized high-quality legal services for this field.

our firm provides quality legal services in the field of business and corporations, such as mergers and acquisitions, regulating the legal relationship between partners, establishing corporations and their legal personality. The firm also provides services related to corporate governance, both locally and internationally. Our firm also works on resolving disputes of companies and business owners through amicable settlement, conciliation or arbitration or through the competent judicial authorities.

The firm provides legal services related to labor laws and regulates the relationship of employees at the establishment between them and the administration.

Our firm provides legal services within the scope of the Civil laws, such as drafting, reviewing and auditing rental contracts. As well as judicial disputes concerning the application of fees on real estate and disputes related to the expropriation of property for the public benefit.

our firm is one of the specialized offices in the matters of inheritance and wills, starting with consensual division, or in cases of disputes over consensual division, from claiming the legal and legal share of the estate, or organizing the division process, executing and verifying wills, and establishing a guardian over the persons covered by the mandate.

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